Team building in escape rooms is guaranteed fun for all groups. Staff and team building events are hard to choose, but escape rooms have been taking over the scene recently. If you don’t know what an escape room is, we’ll bring you up to speed. An escape room typically involves locking a group of players in a room with puzzles and clues that you need to work together to solve. Once you solve one you move to the next one until you’ve beaten them all and escaped the scenario! At Survive the Night, the playing area for the escape is twenty times larger than regular escape rooms, and this allows for a much more interactive experience. There’s more room, so more players can comfortably play as well, meaning you can put up to 12 players in each of our scenarios with tons of space to spare!

Our escape adventure makes for a great bonding experience, this is why these games are the preferred option for team building, birthday parties, and special events.

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Survive the Night Team Building

In most escape room and escape game scenarios, players have to work together to solve them. Because of this, they are now one of the most popular choices for company team building. Scenarios may involve puzzles that require more than one person, with things like: relaying information through a wall, solving two puzzles at the same time, or simply to cover more than one angle. A special event rents out the entire facility which allows for all guests to play the different rooms and work together to solve the game’s puzzles. There’s no wonder that choosing to rent out the venue for your next team building outing will be the best decision you’ll make.

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Why is Team Building better at an Escape Room?

There are many pros to hosting your next team building at survive the night escape rooms. Working together to solve the puzzles is the same as striving towards a common company goal. It brings players closer together and shows them that they are on the same team and working together will speed everything up for everyone. There may be many differing views between players as to how to approach a certain puzzle. This reflects the same real life problems that can arise during a large project. It is important to have a team that can take criticism, critically think and decide which way is best for the group, and these things can be nurtured through escape games.

Every now and then the workplace can get monotonous. Getting your team out to play and engage can be the very thing you need to kick start a new season of high energy and problem solving. The Survive the Night escape adventures include exploring tombs, houses, and underground mines. There are secret passageways, tons of puzzles, clues and hints scattered around the adventures. Each Survive the Night escape room truly immerses the team – due to the super large space, it definitely requires teamwork as opposed to traditional escape rooms, that can easily be solved by just one bossy teammate. You can always cater in and turn it into a full day or half day outing and try all the adventures! Check them out at HERE!