survive the night birthday fun things to do mississauga brampton toronto

Survive the Night is the best birthday event idea – What better way to celebrate a birthday than to take part in an epic spooky adventure where you and your friends need to rely on each other to survive the different scenarios?

To call Survive the Night an escape room would be a massive under-statement. With nearly 5,000 square feet to explore, each game is more of an “escape adventure.” With only a lantern to guide their way, teams must explore the entire area to find clues and solve puzzles that will aid them in their mission. Some sets are even inhabited by stumbling zombies or secretive villagers, who teams can interact with in order to learn more.

Why is Survive the Night so much better than any other escape room for your birthday event? Well unfortunately, most escape rooms and escape games may have are cool gadgets and fancy puzzles, but let’s face it – you’re stuck in a room for an hour. At Survive the Night you and your friends are unleashed on a massive set with multiple rooms. Why sit in a room for your birthday when you can explore and solve puzzles in a cursed village or an abandoned mine!

What about paying on your birthday? Well, we’ve got you covered! If your birthday lands within 5 days of your booking you play for FREE. Just make sure you’ve got a valid ID with your birthday on it!


survive the night birthday fun things to do mississauga brampton toronto


survive the night birthday fun things to do mississauga brampton toronto


survive the night birthday fun things to do mississauga brampton toronto

“I love escape rooms. I think I’ve done almost all of them. Survive the Night is definitely not like the others – it blew my mind!!! Came here for a friend’s birthday party and I was pretty excited, and a little scared (tbh), but getting to play this was like getting to play a real life survival adventure game! The atmosphere is addicting! I’m coming back for my birthday, I’m bringing more people! Definitely a mile above the other rooms we’ve done – but how can you even compare it… The other rooms are like 200 Square feet compared to STN adventures which are gigantic!”



“It was my birthday and I really wanted to do something special. Most of my birthday parties have been pretty generic these last few years, I met some friends, we went for dinner and a movie. I am so glad I found Survive the Night because it definitely made my birthday unforgettable. When the midnight bells rang me and my friends would FREAK OUT and make sure we made it inside one of the buildings before the cursed would grab us. I’d tell you a big secret we found out, but I don’t want to spoil anyone’s game!!!”


“FUN FUN FUN! I wanted to spice up my birthday party a little bit, so we decided to check out survive the night and boy was it worth it! We all screamed our lungs out even when there was nothing to scream about. We got 80% completion but missed out on the side quest, I would go back to try and complete everything but I truly enjoyed this experience, it felt like we were in a horror movie while exploring, but an escape room while solving the puzzles!”


“One word to describe: AMAZING! So happy my friends surprised me with this place for my birthday. I got to play for free even though my birthday was on a Tuesday which was super awesome! I will forever remember one of my friends screaming when she thought she saw a shadow in one of the hallways!! SO MUCH FUN, BEST BIRTHDAY FUN EVER! ”


Grab Your Lantern, Your Birthday ID and Get Ready For An Epic Adventure!

Birthday Cake not included