Why is Survive the Night better than other escape rooms?

Survive the Night does not like to compare itself to escape rooms, mainly because it’s an unfair comparison (think Lebron and Michael). Escape Rooms and escape games are exactly what they imply: a few rooms with a few games and puzzles that you need to solve. They are the perfect activity for a chilled out hang session with your friends, or an awesome challenge for those of us who just love solving puzzles and pitting their minds against the puzzle creators.

So what about Survive the Night? What makes it so different but same-same? Survive the Night is NOT an escape room, it is an Escape ADVENTURE (notice the adventure emphasis). Basically, it re-invents the whole category and because of that, it creates a whole new genre in the escape game scene. It might sound like a buzz word, like superfood and thought leader… but you gotta see it to believe it! There are a ton of brand new concepts that are introduced in Survive the Night that will blow you away and they include: better value, much bigger games, a sense of adventure, and live actors!

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Survive the Night places more value on the experience rather than the profitability.

Escape rooms and escape games differ in quality from place to place, there’s no doubt about that. Sometimes you may have a terrible experience at one location, then turn around and love a different one. Sometimes you may simply hate one of the games, but trying out a different game at the same location might be a completely different and enjoyable experience! They all have two things in common: small areas and only one (maybe two if you’re lucky) staff members.

A key difference between escape rooms and Survive the Night’s escape adventure is value. Think about the last escape room you’ve done: You were placed in a small space. Maybe you had one room, maybe you got lucky and had a bigger game that had 2 or 3 rooms that you could move around or unlock. All in all, you ended up in a game that had between 200-300 Square feet max and you still paid 25-30$/pp (Yikes!). Most people are used to this and don’t question the fact that the rooms are tiny – this helps them make more money by paying minimum rent. Remember this next time you do an escape room – the smaller the room, the less value the company places on experiences, and the more value it places of profits.

Even if you completely ignore the fact that each adventure room in Survive the Night is 20-30x larger than the average escape room, just the fact that there are live actors that join your team on quests AND haunters that lurk in the halls should be enough to show you, you’re getting your money’s worth!

escape rooms survive the night escape adventure mission fun survival zombie birthdays teambuilding

The level of excitement and adrenaline are through the roof. Survive the Night is definitely a unique experience, and can fully immerse you as long as you let it!

Darkness – Do you think haunted villages, mines and tombs had electricity back in the day? Definitely not – and neither do you! Use that lantern wisely!

Video game – Survival Horror games, have you played them? Yeah, some people have said it reminds them of them. It’s definitely not that scary.

Adventure – Exploring huge sets, finding clues, hidden passageways, secret coins to exchange with the old man – it’s all included!

The experience is unforgettable.

A little bit of imagination and you’re thrust into a zombie survival scenario, would you and your group survive the zombie apocalypse? Communicating quietly and solving puzzles efficiently? Because let’s face it… solving puzzles isn’t the same, but with a little bit of creativity you can start to see the similarities! It could be the equivalent of figuring out complicated scenarios in real life when the apocalypse happens. From finding the best routes for supplies, to surviving a horde rampaging through your neighborhood!  Ok ok, I know I’m getting carried away!