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survive the night

The Curse of Edemarah Village

Cursed by a witch years ago, the village of Edemarah has fallen into evil. At the sound of the midnight bell, cursed villages are driven into a frenzy, destroying outsiders and terrorizing the town. While many have tried, no adventurers have been able to lift the curse. Can you?

The Curse of Edemarah Village is the equivalent of five escape games in one experience due to its sheer size: heed the call of the church bell, inspect the village tavern, and brave the blacksmith’s forge, but beware the cursed villagers. With six buildings to venture into, as well as several hidden passages, alleys and smaller structures to explore; if you are caught during the midnight bells, you will be thrown into the cursed jail, and it will be up to you to figure out when it’s safe to escape!

[Option to remove cursed villager for private games]

[Max 12 Players]

survive the night

Escape The Pits of Embermoore

Once a peaceful mining compound where humans, dwarves, and orcs lived in peace, Embermoore is now an abandoned pit of horrors. The undead lurk in every hallway and the maze is almost impossible to navigate. Unfortunately, you and your team have only each other to rely on making it out alive.

Escape the Pits of Embermoore is Survive the Night’s more intense set. If you’re not sure you can handle this one, we recommend you start with the Curse of Edemarah Village. You and your group are thrown into the maze-like underground mining facility with secrets all around. Don’t get lost and stick together. Beware the zombie that haunts the caverns, although it moves slowly, if one of your team is caught – your group loses a life. The only safe zone is Embermoore Keep and your group only has 3 lives!

[Option to remove zombie for private games]

[Max 12 Players]

survive the night

The Descent into Zatra’s Tomb

The rumors of vampiric cults spotted nearby are just stories—or are they? The best way to find out is to enter the old, forgotten crypt in town and unmask its horrors—if you’re brave enough, that is.

The Descent into Zatra’s Tomb brings similar elements found in both the pits of embermoore and the curse of edemarah village, with a whole new layout and set to get lost in, plus a secret twist – this one will be terrifying! Great for both large and small groups. As you descend into the maze like crypt, you will find many different burial chambers, and you must piece the puzzles together.You might need to split up. If you do, make sure you keep an eye on the coffins, the vampires are bound to them. Escape the small zones before they fully emerge!

[Option to Remove Vampires for Private Games]

[Max 12] [Easiest Difficulty]


survive the night birthday fun things to do mississauga brampton toronto

What is Survive The Night all about?

Survive the Night is the first escape adventure of its kind. A fusion of the best elements from escape games and haunted houses, Survive the Night offers a unique spin on an immersive escape experience. Located in the heart of Mississauga, the new 14,000 square foot facility is ready to impress even the most experienced escape fans. Gone are the days of small, cramped rooms and struggling to decode paper puzzles; Survive the Night is issuing in a new era of larger than life escape adventures that will literally transport players into another world. Complete with secret rooms, passageways, actors and even houses. Survive the Night strives to create something that has never been seen before; a fully realized escape environment.