Survive the Night

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60 Minute Adventures

We’re redefining big… with over 11,000 sqft split into three of the largest room escape missions on the planet, you’ll need all the time you can get in this true “open world” experience.

Watch Your Back!

At Survive the Night you’re never alone! Our bone-chilling atmosphere takes the idea of room escape and turns it on its head.

Adrenaline Pumping

Our professionally designed interactive movie sets are so life-like you may forget it’s just a game. Stay focused, you’re still on the clock.

Room Escape Remastered

Tired of room escape companies throwing you in converted office spaces full of padlocks? We are… We’re the team behind Escape Games Canada and Battle Archery in partnership with the best special effects and prop builders. We are sharing our vision of how escape rooms should be. Survive the Night changes the rules by building massive open-world missions. You are not ready…


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“I did this tonight and it was awesome! Scary enough to freak you out, but with a perfect emphasis on puzzle solving and exploring. Adventure horrors are my favorite kind of video game and this was like getting to live it. Super fun and well done. The people running it are also amazing!!!” 



“I went with a group of 8, It had all the elements for a good time. Fear, suspense, and riddles. Awesome night. I would definitely go again. I’ve done the zombie escape room in Toronto and a couple escape rooms in Mississauga and this is the best escape room I’ve been to this far.”



“This was an awesome experience, so much fun. We didn’t quite survive the night, but we were close!” I can’t wait to do it again. So much better than the usual family movie night, great quality time working with your family to solve the puzzles. The village and actors were great.”



“Amazing! Me and 8 friends went and the experience was awesome! The combination of scary, riddles, and the old man popping behind you out of nowhere was fun. I liked climbing the towers, and diving into the houses to escape cursed, and trying to let my friends out of the cured jail if they were kidnapped. It was also hilarious how we all would try to go out of alchemist house and someone would get scared and run back in the house. Anyways awesome time!”



What is Survive the Night?

Survive the Night is the first escape adventure of its kind. A fusion of the best elements from escape games and haunted houses, Survive the Night offers a unique spin on an immersive escape experience. Located in the heart of Mississauga, the new 11,000 square foot facility is ready to impress even the most experienced escape fans. Gone are the days of small, cramped rooms and struggling to decode paper puzzles; Survive the Night is issuing in a new era of larger than life escape adventures that will literally transport players into another world. Complete with secret rooms, passageways, actors and even houses. Survive the Night strives to create something that has never been seen before; a fully realized escape environment.

In cooperation with professional film set and prop designers, along with the design teams from Battle Archery – The king of medieval inspired archery tag, and Escape Games Canada – Toronto’s leading escape room facility, Survive the Night will set a new precedent for escape rooms. All the puzzles will use integrated technology to respond to players and will allow players to control the difficulty of the game as they play. Exploration, communication and coordination will all be vital to success as players face challenges that will test their logic, memory, and teamwork. Each adventure in Survive the Night also includes actors that are a part of the experience. You might run into a cursed villager while exploring a dark corridor between houses, or you might get some additional help from a friendly townsman.



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